Great companies are built on great products.


Pointray always tries to deliver better services and higher quality products that meet its client’s stringent demands in line with Vision 2020 by using the advance automation green technology which help to address national and international concerns pertaining to protect conservation and enhancement of the natural environment.

We are able to supply products in different sizes and volumes as per your company requirements.

Product suggestions can be given and we are happy to work with suitable companies in relation to testing other uses.


Research has shown Kenaf Core Powders and chips to be highly absorbent and can be used for many purposes. It's more absorbent than most products currently commercially available. It's very low bulk density and high surface area make it ideal for a multiple of uses. Due to high efficiency of product strong market uptake has been seen.

A number of these uses include use as fillers, pressings, pellets, for carbonising, papers, bio composite material and direct use as absorbents. Product suggestions can be given and we are happy to work with suitable companies in relation to testing other uses.

<em>Polypropylene Furniture</em>

Polypropylene Furniture

R&D foundations to supply all of your polypropylene furniture design. Heavily in technical know how and our teams has that knowledge to supply all manner of polypropylene furniture to meet your requirements.

Widely used in schools, universities, restaurants, cafe and public seating area. These products has high aesthetics values such as color consistency and weathering perfomance.

Ergonomic, anthropometric and innovative polypropylene designs with technical inputs with the property such as rigidity, surface appearance and durability of a propylene furniture which can also use the application for a wider range of monobloc chairs and table.

<em>Steel Furniture</em>

Steel Furniture

Extensively used in many application, ranging form house office furnishing to outdoor settings. Suited for outdoor use due to its hardness and general tough composition.

Extensively for modern furnishing because of high tensil strength allowing it to be used with hollow tubes, reducing weight and increase user accessibility.

Popular choices for furnishing especially indoor and outdoor. Sturdy, attractive giving a contemporary look, added charm and character to your home and offices.

Durability the main advantage and can last up to 30 years. Treated for rust and heat resistence, it is less maintenance. High quality product, competitive price and prompt delivery for you.

<em>Wood Furniture</em>

Wood Furniture

Elegant sturdy and classy design to fit your office and homes. Rich in colors, natural luster, moderate hardness, silky texture, closed grains and greater pliability. Wooden furniture not only carries the high aesthetic value but also carry a strong status symbol.

It's the best material used in making furnitures since ages. Can be hewn and shaped in variety of design depending on one aesthetic sensibilities. Durable and low in maintenance helps woods furniture to have imperishable value. The unique look can give a space more warnth and helps to create a more beautiful ambience.

<em>High Resilient Foam</em>

High Resilient Foam

Pointray high resilient foam mattress & pillow carries many unique features that are the result of research and development into innovative technology so that you would enjoy not only a healthy sleep but also sheer comfort and safety.

We also designed to accomodate your individual need especially hostels and hotels. We'll be happy to make-to-order pointup mattress and pillow to fit your unique bed size.