Kenaf is a light-weight, cost-effective, sustainable, economically
viable and ecologically friendly.

What Is Kenaf?

In 2013, Pointray (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd embarked into kenaf industry by producing bio-composite based kenaf for the production of kenaf raw materials, furniture and construction material component (IBS) for global use.

Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L) is a fast growing fibrous plant that can achieve the height of 3.7 – 4.3 m over a period of 4 months.

The introduction of kenaf into the various materials used by timber based industries would be instrumental in alleviating the shortage of forest based raw materials.

Green, renewable and sustainable kenaf products would definitely have a market premium in the future as forest and environment conservation becomes more critical.

The properties of kenaf combined with our expertise makes it a sustainable green material for buildings and industrial applications that perform better and are more durable.

From Cultivation To Commercialisation

We use a monthly planting rotation policy, meaning we are continually harvesting and ensuring constant supply.

Our 100 acres plantation is located in Gong Medang, Terengganu nearby our factory.

Pointray also contributes positively towards local farmers cultivating kenaf.

Kenaf Core Powder

Kenaf powder, processed from its core fibre, has been shown to offer one potential solution to the increasing scarcity of traditional filler materials.

It’s very low bulk density and high surface area makes it ideal for vast applications inclusive for pressing, pellets, carbonizing and papers.

Kenaf powder can also be mixed with other polymer resin such as PVC, PP or PE to produce bio-composite profiles and building materials.

Place Of Origin

Brand Name
Kenaf Core Powder ( 30 Mesh, 80 Mesh & 120 Mesh )

Packaging Method
Jumbo Bag ( 250 kg each ) or standard packaging either craft paper of PP/PE bags ( 7 kg each )

Delivery Detail
Loading within 21 days of order

Kenaf Core Chip

Research has shown kenaf chips to be highly absorbent. Kenaf makes excellent animal bedding. The use of kenaf chip as animal bedding material is considered as potential market outlet.

An important aspect for this application is the moisture absorption capacity of the material. Kenaf works differently than wood shavings or straw.

Animal urine passes through the top layers of kenaf bedding and the liquids are absorbed by the bottom of the bedding layer.

This leaves a dry top layer and rapid evaporation of the liquid component of urine allows the bedding pieces to be available for additional absorption.

Due to the increased absorptive capacity, kenaf bedding can be placed in a stall at a reduced depth.

  • Kenaf Chip any size from 3mm up to 6mm
  • Can supply on regular basis

Packaging Method
Jumbo Bag ( 250 kg each ) or standard packaging either craft paper of PP/PE bags ( 7 kg each )

Kenaf Pellet

Combination of kenaf powder and polymer resin (PP/PVC/PE) can be used for extrusion and injection molding based processing.

Kenaf has excellent properties for reinforcing plastic composites as it has low density, no abrasion during processing, high filling levels,high specific mechanical properties and biodegradability.

Kenaf, as compared to other non-wood fiber, is found to be comparatively higher in tensile strength, cheaper, sustainable as well as environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications
70:30 (Extrusion), 60:40 (Extrusion and injection), 50:50 (Injection)

Market Segment
Product based on bio-composite kenaf for automate, constructions component manufacturing equipment.

Kenaf Bio Composite Foaming Board & Profile

Kenaf plant absorbs Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more than any other crop. About 1.5 tons of CO2 is needed for a production of 1 ton of dry matter of kenaf.

It means that every hectare of kenaf consumes 30-40 tons of CO2 for each growing cycle.

Since kenaf is a short term fibre crop, no forest will be cut for use as timber thus preventing the degradation of natural resources.

Kenaf bio composite foaming board can be used for the manufacturing of furniture, building material, flooring, interior or exterior design.

Kenaf-Bio-2 Kenaf-Bio-1 Kenaf-Bio-3 Kenaf-Bio-4


  • The main ingredient is natural kenaf core powder (60%), resin polymer (30%) and additives (10%).
  • Can be degraded, lighter than wood and will perform appearance with nice shinning and texture.
  • Better strenght and rigidity, light weight, low density, impact resistance.
  • Health and environmentally
  • Good sound absrption
  • Low water absorption, the board won't be crackled or delaminated while soaked in water.
  • Not effected with fungus and anti-termite and free from insect problems.
  • Suitable for the manufacturing of furniture, building materials, flooring's, interior or exterior design.
  • Price by weight.
  • Standard size 4 ft x 8 ft with thickness of 8-18mm
  • Can be furnishing with color
Pointray Absorbent Powder

Pointray Absorbent Powder instantly soaks up excess oil or liquid from the floor or any surface without leaving any stain or smudge.

This 100% natural super soft silky powder can absorb up to 12 times its own weight, to soak up leaks and spills from most type of oils, mixtures of soluble oils and water, acids, paints, inks, gases, anti-freezes, battery acids and hydraulic fluids as well as cooking sauces.

  • Ideal for absorbing, containing and controlling unwanted liquid spills ranging from oil and solvents to water including chemicals. The performance attributes of Pointray Absorbent Powder makes it ideal for industrial cleanup and spill control applications.
  • Ideal for maintenance of workshops and service stations, vehicle repair shops, race car and motorbike tracks, ports and marinas, petrol stations and re-fueling facilities as well as paint and panel shops.
  • Absorbs immediately on contact, faster than wood powder or soda, clay, diatomaceous earth, corncobs, recycled newspaper and peat moss.
  • Retains the liquid absorbed, prevents leaching and draining of absorbed liquids. Can also be used multiple of times and recyclable.
  • Eco-friendly, non-flammable, non-abrasive and silica-free